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Never Waste a Pineapple Ever Again...Make This Salsa Instead

Raise your hands if you love Mexican food? Great! We do too. Finding new recipes for satisfying taco Tuesday cravings makes us all happy. If you’re on the hunt for a spicy and sweet treat, look no further. The latest video by TikTok user @biteswithbecs offers viewers the chance to cut down on waste while making a snack.

TikToker @biteswithbecs is all about using it before losing it when it comes to food. Her detailed video offers step-by-step instructions for using a pineapple before it goes bad. Get ready for an entertaining yet informative video. Put that perfect pineapple to work with this delicious summer snack.

Yes, our mouths are watering too. That pineapple salsa looks terrific! The fact @biteswithbecs learned to make the pineapple salsa while visiting Mexico makes it feel authentic. But we’re not the only ones wanting to scoop up a sample with some chips. User @James Weber said, “Wow, that looks so amazing. I am going to try that.” @Lovelylady replied, “Now, I'd never dream of putting pineapple with onions and spice, but I just know this will be good. Thanks. I'm off to find a pineapple.”

@biteswithbecs’ recipe is definitely a must for the summer months. It’ll go well with a burger and cocktail. But this recipe also sheds a positive light on reducing waste. We’re happy to see people taking an interest in cutting down on food waste. 

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