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Michigan's First 'Pizza ATM Machine' Is a Total Stroke of Genius

This video makes us think they must be living like The Jetsons up in Michigan. We are totally in awe of the Zabot Pizza ATM, and it has us feeling pretty hungry, too. TikTok content creator @detroithalaleats brings us along on her trip to this modern marvel and we are nearly speechless. 

This is the only ATM we ever want to visit at 2am!

Only 3 minutes to cheesy satisfaction! We wish someone had thought of this when we were younger. Back then, the only thing available when the bars closed was the hot dog vendor on the corner. Now, we can get our dogs at the ATM. Known as the Detroit Coney Pizza, this hot dog and chili pie will surely cure a hangover. You can get a cheeseburger, southwestern chicken, or a vegetarian bean burrito pizza, too. They even have one breakfast style; with cheese, caramelized onions, sausage, and gravy. If pizza is not your thing, you can also order hot cookies, hot soft pretzels or garlic cheesy bread instead! We want an ATM in our city immediately please!

Many in the audience say they have tried an ATM pizza before and viewer @jamespierucki commented, “I have, it’s called Pizzaforno. It is not bad. It is good at 4am when nothing is open and you just got out of work. Live in Jackson.” Good to hear. Viewer @user8175652581424 didn’t have such a great experience, “I tried it once, and it was not good. I got the bbq chicken pizza, and it was gooey and gross.” The video’s creator @detroithalaleats commented, “Btw I would’ve gotten a pizza, but they were sold out of both: the veggie and cheese, so I got garlic cheese bread and it was so good.” Being sold out makes us think they are pretty darn good!

We will definitely give this a try if we are in Michigan and maybe one day soon, we will have a pizza ATM in our home towns, too!