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Man's Easy Hack for Reheating Pizza Proves We've Been Doing It All Wrong

Re-heated pizza is just never the same. If you love eating cold leftover pizza, this video isn’t for you, but if you are not a fan of cold, hard pizza, you'll love this great idea for heating up your next day pie! Watch this video from TikTok creator @Blake Chiuminetta and have your life instantly upgraded! 

If you find eating microwaved pizza a less than delicious experience, you will absolutely love this hack! With this great trick, you won’t end up with nuclear hot tomato sauce and a tough, chewy microwaved crust. Instead, you'll get a nice crisp on the bread with a little more control over the temperature and the smell of bread toasting in the pan is an added bonus. Check out how easy this is! 

Yep. This smart idea uses a frying pan with a splash of water to steam the crust. We love finding new ways to our eat pizza, and this one has our complete attention!

Another great idea was suggested by @user8835656839575, who said, “I use butter.” Yes, because we all know that butter makes everything better! Commenter @DAVID MATHEWS591 gives us another great tip to try, saying, “I like putting my leftover pizza on an electric flat-top grill with a little oil underneath. Brings it back to life with a nice crispy bottom.” All terrific suggestions, but maybe the most simple answer is to be more like @thatrandomguy2273, who chimed in with, ‘I've never in my life had leftover pizza." Huh. Eating all the pizza in one sitting sounds like a pretty good time to us! 

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