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Cool Pizza Box Hack Makes Us Think Twice About Throwing It Away

We don’t know about you, but we love pizza! It’s cheesy, hot, and altogether yummy. Pepperoni? Pineapple? The pizza can handle anything thrown on it. Did you know over 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the U.S.? That’s a lot of pizza boxes! In fact, Tom Monaghan, the creator of Dominoes, is responsible for the modern pizza box. We’d be lost without the sturdy cardboard boxes to keep our delicious pies hot.

But did you ever wonder about those plastic things in the middle of a pizza box? The one's that look like a Barbie table? Carmela Vitale created those little beauties in 1985. While they were meant to prevent the box from lying on top of the pizza, they have other uses. TikTok user @popkitchenfromparade shows us the clever way to reuse the pizza container. It's a wonder that we never thought of this before!

Talk about a neat idea. Sure, many of us use pop sockets to prop up our phones. But pop sockets break. The pizza saver can save the day if your pop socket is out of commission. TikTok users enjoyed this little trick. User @lionel.pratt said, “You are just a wonderful girl.” @Eva Jones replied, “It feels good.” However, some users suggested alternative ways to reuse the pizza saver, and we love it. @Hippy Fly remarked, “I use them to display my Shopkin obsession.” @Meems Evanoff offered, “I used to use them for end tables for Barbie's house.”

We’re sure Carmela Vitale didn’t think her invention would end up in Barbie’s Dream House or holding up a smart phone. But stranger things have happened. The next time you have a pizza saver lying around, prop your phone on it or place it in the doll’s house.

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