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Mom's Viral Poached Egg Trick Is the Ultimate Breakfast Game-Changer

We are stunned, as this incredible kitchen hack is truly meal-changing! Unless you're a gifted chef, you've probably tried both successfully and unsuccessfully to make poached eggs at home. 

If you are anything like us, the chance of failure makes them just too risky to bother with, especially when faced with hungry faces at the breakfast table. But we're in luck! TikTok content creator @lifeofchefmom teaches us how to make super easy, just as beautiful, soft poached eggs, using a method you probably haven't thought of. Could this be any easier?

The brilliant simplicity of this hack starts by pouring boiling water from an electric tea kettle over a room temperature egg, shell and all, in a small bowl. Next, cover it with plastic wrap and allow it to softly cook itself. We are stunned. Set you timer for 11 minutes, then remove from the water, gently crack and you will have a perfect poached egg! 

You get all of the soft creamy poached eggy goodness, without all of the guesswork. We are so excited to try this. If we had eggs at the office, we would be using our tea kettle to test this out right now!

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Viewers were on board with trying this hack out. One user, @gradyandkaradoxies said, “I am going to try this. I used to make soft boiled eggs all the time, but it has literally been a couple decades since I have. Sounds so good.” Another commenter, @user57201747244 added, "Im so going to try this! I have attempted to many times to poach an egg and haven’t succeeded, but they’re so delicious! Thank you!!” On that note, we think that now is the perfect time to get a crisp, buttery piece of bread and give this recipe a shot!

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