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Woman's 'Pocket Sweet Potatoes' Are So Induldgent We Can't Even

Sweet potatoes are one of our favorite foods. They have sweet in their name, so of course, we’ll love them. But aside from their sweetness, these potatoes have multiple uses. You can serve them baked, whipped, in fry form, or put them in a pie. During the holidays, sweet potatoes are a staple in many households. They'll probably appear as a pie if you’re not serving them as a casserole. However, there is another way to serve them.

In a TikTok video by content creator, @deshnari2021 takes her sweet potatoes to the next level. We’re stunned by how tasty they appear. We’d be more than happy to eat them at our next family gathering. These look almost too good to be true.

Aren’t those pocket sweet potatoes fantastic? We never thought of placing ham and mac n cheese inside of them. That’s basically an entire meal fit neatly into a sweet potato. We wonder how the TikTok community reacted to this creation. User @Chelsea joked, “Whew, I’m going to need to loosen my buttons for this.” @user6928636973867 said, “I swear I'm making this. You leave me no choice.” @Shanda34 wrote, “Wow looks amazing.” @THEE said, “Gimme two.” @BettyIdol exclaimed, “Wow, you’re so creative!” @Truth Teller remarked, “Well, damn, I want some.”

Yes, we want some, too, @Truth Teller. Those pocket sweet potatoes look like an instant hit. Our family and friends would gobble those up. If you want more savory food recipes, visit @deshnari2021’s TikTok channel. It’s full of mouth-watering content.

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