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Man’s Review of Popular ‘Starbucks’ Menu Items Has Us Ready to Hit the Drive-Thru

Taking a ride to Starbucks is so much fun. We know what’s on the menu, and we love our favorites. But sometimes you have to take a chance on a new item. Even though it’ll probably be excellent, there’s always a risk of a meh meal. But we’ve got you covered if you haven’t tasted some of the treats Starbucks offers!

In a recent TikTok video with over 1.3M views, content creator @how.kev.eats visits a Starbucks. He’s decided to try two well-loved food options. We’ll admit he made good choices. It’s tough not to feel hungry watching this video!

We don’t know about you, but that impossible breakfast sandwich and birthday cake pop look yummy! The melted cheese and sausage sound amazing. The moisture of the cake is always a plus. People on TikTok love these popular staples, too. User @cooper_944 said, “The Impossible sandwich is so good.” @Cescbe replied, “Impossible breakfast sandwich is my favorite.” @Caleb Schultz disclosed, “The impossible breakfast sandwich underrated for real.” @On the edge admitted, “That impossible sandwich is the deal. I have that all the time!” User @RonyRon - Skincare&Story Time suggested, “You should try the impossible breakfast sandwich with Starbucks sriracha.” That’s not a bad idea. But what about the birthday cake pop?

People had lots to say about the breakfast sandwich, but thankfully, people did show some love for the cake pop. @Krystal Rodriguez said, “Chocolate one is way better.” User @Sakina Sohail thinks, “Lemon cake pop is the best.” @Theo disclosed, “Nobody remembered my 18th birthday, but I did get to eat ten birthday cake pops by myself.” Well, happy belated birthday, @Theo. We’re so glad you enjoyed those tasty cake pops because they look great.

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