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Woman’s Genius Potato Chip Bag Hack Is Absolutely Life-Changing

We all love potato chips. There’s nothing like opening a fresh bag and crunching on those salty treasures. Popping one after the other into your mouth can put you into snack heaven. However, not everyone loves potato chips. Their number one enemy is air exposure. If left out too long, they’ll lose the crunchiness we adore. If you buy chips regularly, you probably have bag clips. Potato chip bags need clips to survive. What happens if you run out of available clips?

In a TikTok video, content creator @kate_higdon shares her life-changing hack for closing a potato chip bag. This is something you want to see to believe. We re-watched it a few times to make sure the steps she used. How on earth did she figure this out?

Our minds were blown when we watched her demonstration. We never thought to try this folding method to close a chip bag. While it may not replace having a bag clip, it’s a life-saver for when one isn’t available. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded. @lauraga2014 said, “All we need to make sure everyone in your house knows how to and is willing to do so. Lol.” @Dawn R Freemont replied, “I tried it. I love it. Thank you.” @user1683640518513 replied, “Wow! Will definitely try it!” 

Yes, it’s worth a try. We understand if you want to use bag clips instead, especially if you have children at home. But it’s an excellent hack to learn when you can’t find a clip. If you enjoyed this post, please check out @kate_higdon’s TikTok channel. You might learn a new recipe or learn tips for running a successful home business.