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Scrumptious 'Potato Waffle Cottage Pie' Is the Stuff of Dreams

When it’s time to select your meal for the evening, sometimes, it can be trickier than you imagined. You might struggle to find a quick recipe that satisfies everyone’s dinner request. You'll enjoy today's post if your family likes casseroles or baked dishes.

TikTok content creator @amysheppardauthor shared her trick for making cottage pie taste better. This is comfort food at its finest.

The Potato Waffle Cottage Pie revamps the usual cottage pie. Instead of using mashed potatoes, you’ll substitute them with potato waffles. The potato waffles add a nice layer of crispy goodness. It’ll go nicely with the delicious layer of meat underneath. The potato waffles will keep the cottage pie from getting soggy. That’s a good enough reason for us to try it.

We really like the potato waffles used instead of the mashed potatoes. But do the TikTok viewers like it too? Let’s find out. User @user1477639701881 wrote, “Like hack? Looked like you cooked a waffle to me.” @Smush2 replied, “No! They’re square for a reason. Now portion that property next time.” @mia remarked, “Aww, no, I can't go without the mash.” @David Smith said, “They’re waffeley versatile.” @user205410526407 suggested, “Hashbrowns work too!” @Jacob admitted, “Oh, my word. Why have I never thought of this.” @Siobhan replied, “Ohhhhh, I could eat cottage pie if it was waffles.” wrote, “Oh wow. What a fab idea! I’m definitely going to try this. Thank you.”

The TikTok community seemed pleased with the Potato Waffle Cottage Pie. It’s not for everyone, but we’re certain those who try it will love it. If you liked the video, visit @amysheppardauthor’s TikTok channel.