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Woman’s Pre-Work Breakfast Ritual in Her Car Is So Relatable We Can’t Even

We’re living in the age of the ‘Great Resignation.’ People are leaving jobs in record numbers. However, saying goodbye to a less than ideal job is easier said than done. Every situation is different. Many workers enjoy some aspects of their jobs but still need to prepare for the workday mentally. Giving yourself some “Me” time is practicing self-care. It’s vital before starting your shift.

In this recent video by TikTok user @rachelstiktok., she shows us her pre-work breakfast ritual. The caption on the screen fills us in on what she does. We’ve all been in her shoes!

Yes, we felt this one too. Ha! Whether you like or loathe your job, sometimes, you don’t want to be there. That’s okay. Life happens. Unfortunately, bills happen, too. TikTok users could totally relate to how she felt in the clip. User @Brianna revealed, “Okay, but I do this too. Are we not normal?” @Drew DiEdwardo said, “Me, except I walk in late because I do this.” @Chloe Smith disclosed, “No, cause I gotta get ready in the car. I literally need to bring everything with me and do it in the car. LOL.” asked, “Why does everyone hate their jobs? LOL.”

That’s a loaded question. But again, not everyone wants to flee their gig. They want to be ready for whatever the day presents. Some arrive early for other reasons. @Nicole.Osborn revealed, “Literally me so I can get a good parking spot. LOL.” Now, that’s an excellent reason, too. Many of us can relate to this video and the comments. We sure hope her bagel moment got her through until her break.

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