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To-Die-For Recipe for 'Pretzel Pigs in a Blanket' Comes With a Secret Ingredient

If you love pigs in a blanket and soft pretzels, this recipe is made for you! After seeing this video, we may never again make plain pigs in a blanket. Content creator @modernfarmhouseeats shares with us her recipe for pretzel piggies that you won’t want to miss!

Pretzel pigs are so easy, you’ll have to try them immediately! Psst -- there's a secret ingredient, too! 

We didn’t think getting pretzel dough around those tiny little piggies would be as simple as a can of crescent rolls. This changes everything!

This easy recipe begins by rolling out a can of crescent rolls and slicing them into strips. She wraps a strip around each dog and then boils them in water with baking soda. She then places the boiled dogs on a parchment lined baking sheet, brushes on an egg wash, sprinkles them with coarse salt, and bakes them in the oven. Who knew it was this easy to get a pretzel dough finish? Her homemade beer cheese for dipping looks positively divine. We'll be doubling that recipe for sure!

Viewers wanted to try this straight away, and @j.diercks commented,
“Just made this for lunch today, so so good! Thanks for sharing.” We're happy to hear it. Viewer @Ruby gives us another great tip: "They make crescent sheets so you don't have to roll out the seams." Yay, even better! 

We're looking forward to giving this pigs in a blanket variation a shot, and we're equally excited about that beer cheese. Game day just can’t come fast enough!