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Bakery's Custom 'Pride and Prejudice' Cake for Woman's 27th Birthday Is Totally Epic

Well? If a new TikTok video shared by @juliadrinksagain doesn't make you laugh out loud today, nothing will. OMG. In honor of this woman's 27th birthday, a bakery in Dallas called Cades Cakes made her a cake with a custom birthday message you have to see to truly appreciate.

The clip of the cake was shared by her sister, and it's captioned simply with, "Cades Cakes killed it for my sister's birthday." Just wait until you see what the writing on the cake says. Spoiler alert: It takes a line straight out of Pride and Prejudice. Get ready to crack up.

OMG! "I'm 27 years old, I've no money, no prospects, I am a burden 2 parents, and I'm frightened." Have you ever seen a more epic birthday message in the history of birthday messages? This is an absolute classic, and people are here for it. One TikTok user, @Noneya said, "I wish I’d done this when I was 27. Huge regret." Another fan of the cake, @Dani Emmett added, "LOL 😂 I’m dying over here!! That’s spectacular!! 👏🏻 " And commenter @Quiet Chaos joked, "I'm 47... I'm a hot mess of issues and most definitely a burden to my husband... now where's my cake?😂" LMAO.

Honestly, this cake is hilarious even if you don't get the Pride and Prejudice reference. For anyone you know who's about to turn 27, you might want to consider a Cades cake if they happen to have a good sense of humor!

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