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Private Hamptons Chef Flexes Her Slicing Skills and We Can't Look Away

Have you ever seen the film The Great Gatsby? Most of you probably said yes. But for the percentage of you that haven’t seen this gem, we’ll give you a brief synopsis. A self-made man returns to the rich girl he left behind. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald was inspired to write the story after visiting a mansion in the Hamptons. Much of the extravagance he witnessed during his stay in the Hamptons continues to this day. However, we don’t think the 2020s can rival the 1920s parties.

In a TikTok video by content creator @shrimjason, she shows off her vegetable slicing skills. This woman is amazing at what she does; any client would be fortunate to have her. We can only imagine the delectable dishes she creates for her clients. So that’s how the wealthy live.

We’ve never seen slicing so smoothly in our lives. Plus, she did it while staring into the camera. Man, we must get into the kitchen and practice slicing onions and garlic. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about her flexing. User @Leilani A said, “The way I looked up and caught you looking at me too.” @Melissa Celeste joked, “You looking at the camera while cutting the onion is giving me heart attacks.” @victoriaellyse wrote, “Something about good knife skills is just fire.” @Jade | Relatable LGBT+ Content revealed, “It takes me like 20 minutes to mince garlic. Teach me your ways. LOL.”

We bow to her, for those slicing skills are on point. We can only imagine how many hours of practice it’s taken her to get to that level. If you enjoyed this video as we did, please visit @shrimjason’s TikTok channel. You’ll be mesmerized by what you find.

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