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Woman's Hack for Washing Produce Shows Just How Dirty It Can Be

We all like for our food to be cleaned before it’s prepared. Factories and farms s breeding grounds for dirt. After bringing your groceries home, it’s essential to store them in clean areas. If you’ve bought produce, wash them before eating them. Many of us will rinse them under the faucet for a few minutes to ensure dirt is removed. But did you know there’s a method to ensure you remove more dirt? 

In a TikTok video by content creator @marcelaveronica_, she shares her hack for washing produce with us. It’s a simple but exciting way to remove more residue. We were pleasantly surprised to see what she did. Apparently, rinsing it with water doesn't really help at all.

We’ll be adding some baking soda to our produce water from now on. That’s a fantastic hack to make sure your produce is really clean. It never hurts to be efficient when washing fruits and veggies. Let’s see how the TikTok community responded to this easy and inexpensive hack. User @em said, “Meh, gotta get this immune system back up and running.” @Affordable Fashion Blogger replied, “Great tip.” @jprov89 exclaimed, “I do this, and it keeps my produce fresh for so much longer!” @Y? remarked, “We do this too.” @Stella Bridge wrote, “It's not a recommendation. It's common sense, no? LOL. Also, vinegar is a good option.” 

Yes, it’s a great idea, and we agree that vinegar or apple cider vinegar works well, too, @Stella Bridge. If you enjoyed this video, please head to @marcelaveronica_’s TikTok channel. You’ll find more hacks and everyday life content.