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Decadent 'Puff Pastry Apple Rings' Are a Thanksgiving Must

If you love all things apple, you'll be very excited to see this recipe. This idea is so sensational, we're trying to find an excuse to make it immediately. TikTok content creator @oh_my_foodness shows us how to make the prettiest little apple rings for your next gathering. 

Everyone will fall in love with these adorable apple treats!

This recipe is super easy to make, but it will take a little time and patience. First, peel, core, and slice four apples and sprinkle them in cinnamon and sugar. Then, using strips of puff pastry, wrap one strip around each slice. Brush the pastry with milk and then sprinkle with cane sugar before baking. Bake them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. When they come out of the oven, give them a sprinkle of powdered sugar. So easy to do! Everyone is going to love this handheld dessert.

The audience loved this recipe and viewer @maria commented, "That looks delicious! I swear I can smell it too!” We can as well! Viewer @theretreasurer suggested, “Oooo..lay them on a whole sheet, then plop a caramel square in the middle of each one. Then top with another layer. Cut & make them like raviolis!” And @oh_my_foodness replied, “Your version sounds a hell of a lot better than mine.” We think both ideas sound pretty great! Viewer @immalou21 wasn’t having any of it and commented, “I'm bringing a fifth of Jack and a can of Spaghettios.” Well, that’s another way to go.

This sensational dessert will be making an appearance at our Thanksgiving feast. We can’t wait to give this recipe a taste!

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