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Genius 'Puff Pastry' Baking Hack Will Make Anyone Feel Like a Total Pro

If you’ve ever wanted to make one of those fancy braided breads but are just too intimated to give it a try, this next recipe will give you the confidence to succeed. TikTok content creator @chophappy shares his brilliant recipe for stuffed puff pasty bread. And even if you’re not a skilled baker, you’ll be able to do this!

This pasty hack is great for a weekday or a holiday!

It really doesn’t get any easier than this! This delicious hack is so simple, we can’t wait to try it for ourselves. He cuts one sheet of puff pastry into three sections. He fills each section with scallion cream cheese and rolls them up. Wow, that sounds good! Then, he braids them together, brushes them with butter, and sprinkles them with sesame seeds. We can do this!

This recipe is a real game-changer. Now that we know how easy this is, we can’t stop thinking of all the things we could put inside! We could use a sweet cream cheese like strawberry, or we could do plain cream cheese and a little cinnamon and sugar. We are thinking you could even do mozzarella and pepperoni. Maybe a bit of thick vanilla custard inside, with chocolate on top after it’s baked, for a Boston creme-style pastry? Yum!

The audience shared some great ideas, and viewer @NewSnackAlert suggested,
“Omg! Try everything bagel seasoning on the crust instead of sesame seeds.” What a great idea! Viewer @llymarieecoupons commented, “I’m gonna do this with brie and cranberry sauce!” And the recipe's creator replied “Ohhhhhh going to do that too.” Yes, that sure sounds like an outstanding idea to us!

We know whatever you decide to put inside your pastry, it will taste amazing. The best part about this recipe is knowing we can make an impressive treat anytime we’d like, without a production. And no one will know it was easy!