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Woman's Recipe for 'Puff Pastry Pizza' Looks Like an Absolute Dream Come True

We’re big pizza lovers, and we’re positive you are too. Pizza is a staple here in the states, even though it didn’t originate here. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t become a beloved food. Pizza is more popular now than it was before. When you’re craving pizza, the options are vast. You can go to a restaurant or get it delivered. However, some of the best food is homemade. So, why not consider making your own pizza?

In a TikTok video, content creator @cookiterica shared her recipe for making Puff Pastry Pizza. It looks as good as it sounds. At least it does to us. We can't get over how amazing this pizza looks.

The crunch captured our attention. We’ve never eaten pizza that made such a loud yet saliva-inducing sound. We could spend some time just enjoying the taste of the pizza. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers are ready to indulge too. User joked, “The fact I was disappointed that WAS NOT A HUGE CHEESE DANISH.” @user694497044808 wrote, “I just gasped- OUT LOUD. Oh, em gee, that looks amazing.” @Stafffunknee wrote, “I can’t wait to make this. it looks phenomenal.” @devilish devo revealed, “Now I gotta go get the stuff to make this. Absolutely the vibe!” Content creator @Patricia Marie Duncan said, “This is BEAUTIFUL TO ME. YES, YES, YES.”

The Puff Pastry Pizza looks beautiful to us, too, @Patricia Marie Duncan. So, beautiful that we’d love to eat an entire pie ourselves. Now that’s a good use of time. If you enjoyed this video, visit @cookiterica’s TikTok channel. You’ll be thankful you did.

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