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Mom's Adorable 'Pumpkin Pie Cheese Appetizer' Hack Is Perfect for the Holidays

These little slices of pie might be the cutest party appetizers we have ever seen! These adorable slices will make your holiday table look like a million bucks. And the best thing about them is how easy they are to prepare. TikTok content creator @athomewithshannon shows us the way to make the most enchanting fall appetizer you’ve ever seen!

Your guests are going to love this show-stopper!

Even just a few of these cuties with your holiday spread will have it looking sensational! First, she trims the cheese into a pie shape, using a triangle Triscuit cracker as the guide. She attaches the cracker to the cheese using softened cream cheese. So smart! For the back piece of crust, she uses a wavy-edged cracker and sticks that on with cream cheese, too.

How easy! This delightful appetizer can be made to fit the seasons and your tastes. We think mini pie slices of brie or Camembert with a tiny dollop of fig jam might look and taste sensational. And white cheddar with cranberries would be the hit of any winter gathering. We're so happy to have seen this hack, and it'll be one of our absolute favorites to do this year.

Viewers were happy to have a new idea for their holiday tables too, and @KayBrittany commented, “I love this!!! There’s no such thing as too much cheese in this household.” It’s the same for us. Viewer @Shanna Fischer commented, “That’s really clever.” We agree, it really is!

We love adding new treats to our holiday menus and this one will be a hit with all ages! We're looking forward to seeing everyone’s reactions this Thanksgiving when they give these little slices of "pumpkin pie" a try!