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Cute 'Pumpkin Pie Cups' Will Be the Stars of Thanksgiving

Do you have seem to always have tons of leftover pumpkin pie? With so many alluring desserts, this holiday classic is frequently overlooked. TikTok content creator @whatsgabycookin shows us a fancy trick for serving pumpkin pie. And it looks so much better served this way!

These clever cups will have that pie all scarfed up!

Now, this is a great way to move some pumpkin pie into your family's belly! How have we not thought to do this before? It never fails, someone always asks for "just a sliver," but the rest of that giant Costco pie remains in tact. Once people see these little cups with the whipped cream and crumbly topping, they'll gobble them up faster than they ever would the plain old pie. You could add a marshmallow or chocolate topping to these cups too. However you decide to make them, these cups are going to be irresistible! 

The audience was excited to try out this great idea! Viewer @sharonzangelwilki commented, “I love these simple ideas! Right up my alley!” Viewer @T-Rex asked a good question: “Can you pre-make them, including whipped cream, and leave them refrigerated pre-made?” And the video's creator replied, “Yes! I had mine fully assembled for 3 days in the fridge!” Great to hear, we love make-ahead desserts! Viewer @Crystal Nichols17 suggested, “Just do this with Costco pumpkin cheesecake sooo much better!” That’s a great idea, too!

These little cups will be a hit with kids and adults alike. They'll look extra-festive with your dessert spread, too. We can’t wait to give this simple and inexpensive idea a try!

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