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Easy 'Pumpkin Pie French Toast' Recipe Comes With a Secret Ingredient

When morning comes, so do the hunger pains. Many of us will wake up with a roaring stomach because it’s been at least eight hours since we possibly ate anything. However, it’s probably longer, considering many people don’t eat right before going to sleep. Breakfast foods come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tastes. You can have a bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit. Or you might want a breakfast sandwich. Whatever you eat is up to you. Just be sure it’s yummy.

In a TikTok video by content creator @moribyan, she shares her recipe for Pumpkin Pie French Toast. This recipe comes just before the upcoming switch from Summer to Fall. We’re positive these will be a hit since she uses Hawaiian Rolls to make them. These rolls are even more versatile than we thought.

Wow! Oh, they look so good. We can’t wait to try them. The way they appear dressed in syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar sucks us in. But are the TikTok viewers fans of this incredible recipe? Let’s find out now! User @w.greta said, “OMG, I WILL TOTALLY TRY THIS.” @Shree 🌞 wrote, "Keep the fall recipes coming.” @Jod 1857 remarked, “You had me at Hawaiian roles, but PUMPKIN???? I need my keys. The grocery store is still open. Let's GO!” @CeiliaAdder revealed, “OMG, Hawaiian rolls for French toast?! That alone made me rethink the rock that I've clearly been living in.”

You’re not the only one out of the loop about Pumpkin French Toast @CeiliaAdder. It was news to us too. Now that we've learned it’s a thing, we’ll make these over the weekend. If you enjoyed the recipe, please visit @moribyan’s TikTok channel. You’ll be mesmerized by her content.

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