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Dreamy Recipe for a 'Pumpkin Spice Martini' Is Even Better Than Dessert

Don't you just love a good martini? It doesn't matter to us if they are fruity or spicy, sweet or salty. We can get into the happy hour spirit with just about any type of martini. Thankfully, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere, because TikTok content creator @doublethespoonfuls has us thirsty!

You'll be getting your shaker out tonight after seeing her recipe for this incredible pumpkin spice martini.

This beautiful cocktail looks like our kind of dessert! We can just about taste that sweet caramel, graham cracker rim, and the fresh whipped cream. Nom, nom, nom. This recipe is simple and easy, but your friends and family will be very impressed by your perceived effort. 

All you'll need to do for this stand-out cocktail is make a batch of fresh whipped cream with vanilla and sugar. Use a cocktail shaker filled with ice and add to it, pumpkin puree, Bailey's Irish cream, pumpkin pie spice, and your choice of vodka, and then shake it all up! We can totally do this. Pour it into a caramel/graham cracker rimmed martini glass and top that alluring potion with the slightly sweet, fresh whipped cream. So thirsty!

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The audience was mesmerized by this drink too, and viewer @SoofandSoph said, "When I tell you I GASPED, and I’m not even a big drinker (big PSL coffee lover, though)." We think there will be many non-drinkers giving this a try, too! If you're not a fan of pulpy texture, @MorganAlexis suggested, "Would’ve done it through a finer mesh sieve into the glass, so the sediment wasn’t at the bottom, but looks yummy!" That smooth idea makes this drink perfect for just about anyone. We can't wait to get our shakers out and give this recipe a try!

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