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Easy Hack for 'Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats' Is a Fall Game-Changer

We don’t need a special reason to make Rice Krispie treats. In fact, we don’t need any excuse at all. TikTok content creator @yumlabels shows us how to make fall-inspired treats that are festive, fun, and fantastic!

These are so easy and so delicious, you’ll be whipping up a batch today! You’ll wish you thought of this first!

Oh, be still our hearts, these look simply incredible. We weren’t sure Rice Krispie treats could get any better, but this pumpkin spice version has us drooling on our keyboards. The simple twist to this easy recipe starts by melting butter with the marshmallows, adding in a few spoonfuls of pumpkin purée, and then adding a teaspoon of pumpkin spice. Mix in the Krispies, the same way you would for the original, and then press into a pan. She uses a cookie cutter to turn these treats into adorable, festive shapes that will have everyone excited. Can’t you just taste them?! YUM!

This recipe inspired the audience's creative side and viewer @Generallyspeaking suggested, “You could also dip the stems in chocolate." We're into that idea! Commenter @Claudie Girl added, “Canned sweet potato + cinnamon and brown sugar instead of pumpkin + pie spice = sweet potato pie Krispie Treats.” We think that sure sounds unbelievable, too! In case you were wondering if they're worth it, viewer @kaleighCrigler tells us, “Just made these and they taste AAAAmazing!!” We had no doubt!

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These fall-inspired treats will be the hit of any party. Enjoy!

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