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Recipe for Queen Elizabeth's Favorite 'Chocolate Tea Cake' Is Fit for Royalty

It’s hard to believe that a cake good enough for royalty can also be easy to make. TikTok content creator @best_bake_forward just shared Queen Elizabeth’s favorite chocolate tea cake recipe with us, and we honestly can't wait to give it a shot. 

She tells us that Her Majesty traveled from palace to palace with the cake, leaving no slice wasted. Wow, this must really be a special treat! This will be your go-to chocolate cake, plus, making it is a wonderful way to remember the late Queen.

Seriously, it can’t be that easy! It just looks too good. This royal recipe is super simple, and it only uses four ingredients: crumbled tea biscuits, butter, sugar ,and melted chocolate. Press this mixture into a springform pan to set. Remove it from the pan, pour over a chocolate ganache, and sprinkle it with chocolate shavings. Holy Moly. This cake looks scrumptious! We can see why the Queen brought this cake along with her wherever she went.

Viewers tell us there are many versions of this cake. One TikTok user, @nikanini1 commented, “Might be a nod to her German roots - we call it "cold dog" over here & it's a childhood staple.” And @monrovamo shares, "tThat's like "kek batik" in Brunei uwu, but we have some alternatives on the ingredients, either to make it more fluffy or add two flavors i.e strawberry, etc." That sure sounds nice, too!

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If you don’t have time to make this cake today but need to get your hands on a piece, @croissantboiii tells us, “Omg our Starbucks sells this they call it “lazy cake." Yay, that's good to know! 

If you do make this recipe, no one will ever believe how easy it is, and you don’t have to tell them. It’ll be our secret. 

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