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Colorful Rainbow Picnic Idea Is a Delicious Dream Come True

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Getting together with friends is something we all need. Work and personal responsibilities can’t be the only theme of our lives. Having fun with your besties is a must. But sometimes, hitting a bar or club is not really where you want to be. If the weather’s nice then how about taking your friends into nature. Spending time under a sunny sky is the best way to relax with those you love.

TikTok content creator @thesimonegully shares a glimpse into her rainbow picnic with her friends. We’d never heard of this type of picnic before. But we’re glad it’s a thing. We’re inspired to plan our own. This looks like so much fun!

Wow! We love the idea of bringing an item of a specific color to the picnic. We applaud them for the diverse food and drinks. They know how to enjoy themselves. Let’s see if the TikTok community is a fan of this idea. User @<3 wrote, “This is so cute. I would be the friend bringing fruit.” @Coreiontv replied, “Omg, that chicken looks so good.” @Shayunique wrote, “I love the concept of it. No one got the same of anything.” @Renney said, “Best rainbow one I’ve seen. LOL.” @Moon Child remarked, “I wanna attend the next picnic, please, and thank you.”

Yes, we want to be invited to the next one, too, @Moon Child. Just let us know what to bring. If you liked this rainbow picnic video, visit @thesimonegully’s TikTok channel for more entertaining and inspiring content. You’ll be thankful you did.