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Anyone Can Pull Off This 'Lisa Frank' Approved Rainbow Roll Cake

If the queen of rainbows thinks it's good, it must be good.

There isn't a millennial woman alive who doesn't remember Lisa Frank. Her fabulously rainbow colored world was one we all wished we could hop into. So, we did the next best thing: We plastered her everywhere. Lisa Frank was on all our school supplies, our walls, our clothes...literally anything we could get our hands on.

Say what you will about Gen Z, but they do have an appreciation for this particular classic, and Lisa Frank has proven she is here to stay. "She" even has a TikTok y'all where she features not only upcoming collaborations, but amazing rainbow content. Amongst them, we found the easiest rainbow roll cake recipe anyone can make.


Using simple piping bags, cake artist Baking With Blondie created stripes of colored cake batter along a regular baking sheet in a diagonal pattern. After baking and cooling slightly, she flipped it over to separate it from the pan. She placed the cake between two tea towels and slowly rolled in, and then gently unraveled it. Once she spread out her filling, in this case a delicious looking buttercream, she then carefully rolled it up. When she sliced it, it was rainbow pinwheeled perfection.

Followers noted how easy she made it look and vowed to try it for themselves. After all, this would be amazing for a birthday party or baby shower. Though, a few critiqued she has missed an opportunity to add more color by using rainbow sprinkles for the filling, all in all people were pretty impressed with this vibrant confection. 

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When you have Lisa Frank's approval, we think you're probably just colorful enough. 

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