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Drew Barrymore's Ramen Hack Impressed Even Martha Stewart

When you impress the queen of homemaking, you know your hack is good.

There's probably not much left that can impress Martha Stewart. The maven of all things home and decor has seen about every trick in the book when it comes to decorating, gardening, and cooking. So when someone manages to surprise her with their own simple trick, that's a clear indication that it's a good one.

Recently Stewart appeared on Drew Barrymore's daytime talk show where she served Martha a bowl of ramen with a pair of her branded scissors. That's right, a pair of scissors.


"Are you ready Martha," asks Barrymore.

"Ready to learn," Stewart calls back.

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Then Barrymore takes a hearty fork-full of ramen, and instead of slurping it like the rest of us peasants, she simply takes her sheers and trims what is underneath her fork. The leftovers from extra long noodles slip back into the bowl and she's not left struggling to get ramen into her mouth. Stewart also noted that in addition to not slurping, you also don't have all the broth running down your neck and chest.

While we do think this is a pretty cool hack, we'd be remiss if we didn't beg you heed these two warnings before you try. For one, hold your scissors horizontally and cut a few inches away from your face. You don't need to be looking like a ramen pirate with battle scars. Secondly: TIE. YOUR. HAIR. BACK. You do not want a new fresh hairdo in the middle of a bowl of ramen.

While a few folks in the comments were aghast at the practice, because #longnoodlelife, but overall if you're someone who hates the messy parts of ramen? This is a great solution. Just be extra careful!

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