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Viral Video Showing What Raw Vegans Eat in a Day Is Truly Fascinating

If you've ever thought about going vegan or taking things one step further with a raw vegan diet, you might be wondering what, exactly, you can eat. It's a given that animal products are off the table, but what are the daily options with plant-based food? A new TikTok video shared by @ahthespace is going viral with over 3 million views, all thanks to it showcasing a high raw vegan menu.

In the clip, you'll see the video creator detail everything he and his partner (and other raw vegans) eat in a day. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, you just might be surprised at how hearty and satisfying this meal plan looks.

Whoa. That's way more food than we would've imagined! Dinner, in particular, looks incredibly scrumptious. All those sweet potatoes and a kale hemp Caesar salad? Yes, please! Sadly, there is a lot of criticism in the comments from people who just don't understand their lifestyle. But for all the naysayers, @natalia popielarz made a great point, saying, "I’m convinced these are the happiest people on earth." They really do look content, and also completely relaxed without a care in the world. And @mollyizzy98 added, "Look at their complexion, the shine in their hair, how clear their skin is." They really do look like the epitome of youthfulness, which definitely says something. 

The couple who runs the account also shared this follow-up video, showcasing another daily menu. Actually, there are several food-related videos that they've posted in the past. So if you're interested in the vegan lifestyle, give them a follow.

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