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Father and Son's Reactions to Trying a $200 Box of Chocolate Are Totally Unexpected

Can you put a price on your feelings? No, emotions are priceless. However, that doesn’t stop companies from putting a high price on their products. When it comes to indulging, one of the best ways to do so is through food. Going to a nice restaurant is an enjoyable activity. But when the meal is over, it’s time for dessert. Sometimes the typical cakes, sundaes, or pastries won’t do. 

In a TikTok video, content creator @jetbentlee shares a box of chocolate with his ultimate chef dad, Susur. But this isn’t an ordinary box of chocolate. If you want to buy one, it’ll set you back $200. Yes, the cost seems a bit extreme to us. We have a few questions too. Is it really worth the money?

Watching them munch on the expensive chocolate made is frozen with anticipation. Would the chocolate live up to its $200 price tag? Sadly, the answer is no. Neither Jet nor his dad Susur thought the chocolate was mind-blowingly good. Since both know what delicious food tastes like, we’ll take their word for it. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @20deerhuntertrump202 revealed, “Why did I think the box was the chocolate bar?” @shinigami wrote, “For $200, the damn thing better have gold flakes in it just for chocolate.” @Christian Augustine quoted, “’ It tastes Expensive.’ LOL,” @Reel Foley Sound -Foley Artist admitted, “I had it before. Did not love it.”

It seems as though the reviews are mixed. Most people can’t get past paying that much money for the chocolate. We don’t blame them. While we’ve never eaten it, we’re certain there are more affordable, better-tasting brands. If you enjoyed this father/son duo, please visit @jetbentlee’s TikTok channel. You don’t want to miss a thing.