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Woman's Simple Recipe for Homemade Mayonnaise Is Going Viral

Are you a fan of mayonnaise? If you are, then we can relate. Mayo can jazz up anything it’s added into. Sandwiches would be incredibly dry without the smooth and creamy layer of mayo on the bread. The same is true for tuna sandwiches. Trust us when we say tuna sandwiches that don’t have mayo are very disappointing. They just don’t satisfy your craving for a yummy sandwich. What about potato salad that’s missing mayo? We don’t want to think about it. 

If you like, may perhaps you’ve considered making your own. Yes, it’s easier to buy it from the store. But if you’re health conscious and like to know what’s inside your food, make it the way to go. Thanks to this TikTok video by content creator @brittneeciara, you can make mayonnaise in a few minutes. Watch it now to see what the fuss is about. Her video has over 10 million views.

Her mayonnaise turned out so nicely. We’d be glad to slather that onto our next grilled burger or mix it into a pasta salad. Since the views of the videos continue to climb, let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to it. User @Kareem Abdul wrote, “Anything you can make will always be better than what you buy.” @Jada Johnson revealed, “Once I showed my dad that I know how to make something, he just gave up buying it. Ain’t even paying me.” @Jasmyne said, “So crazy because I get so squeamish about mayo, but the individual ingredients are just fine.”

We understand entirely about mayo turning some people off, @Jasmyne. But if you try this recipe, it may alter your opinion of mayonnaise because homemade always tastes better. If you enjoyed the recipe and want more food tips, visit @brittneeciara’s TikTok channel. You never know what you’ll find.

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