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Simple Hack for Removing Egg Shells From a Cracked Egg Is a Stroke of Genius

Whether you're getting ready to make a tasty omelette or baking a cake from scratch, it's such a buzz kill when egg shells get into the yolk and whites after cracking the egg. It's just such a huge pain to try and pick them out. Given how slippery the egg whites are, it's almost impossible to do it with your fingers. But leaving them in there isn't an option either. Who wants to bite into a hard piece of shell?!

Luckily, a new video shared by @popkitchenfromparade showcases an easy solution. It's so simple, in fact, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before. Get ready for a genius egg shell hack that will make life so much easier in the kitchen. 

Um, HOW have we not thought of this before? This easy trick has been right in front of our eyes the entire time. We seriously can't wait to try this. TikTok user @T0M HOLLAND added, "Thank you bro, I didn't know that 🥰." Another commenter, @Sara Lindholm477, offered up another simple suggestion for how to remove shells from the cracked eggs. She explained, "Also dip your finger in a little water, it'll come out easily that way, too." That's a great tip as well!

Breakfast and baking will sure be a lot easier with these nifty tricks up our sleeves.

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