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Restaurant Health Inspector Shares 4 Places She'll Never Eat

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and known instantly it wasn’t a smart place to dine? But as the story goes, you ate there anyway and regretted it later? TikTok content creator and health inspector @toofar_north shares 4 smart dining tips. We should all live by all 4 of these rules.

These 4 things tell a very detailed story.

These are really great tips! Rule #1 is not to eat at buffets. Heaven knows they're one of the germiest places on earth. Number #2 is not to eat a place with a dirty bathroom. Yuck, this is a big red flag. As we were taught, too, if the bathrooms are dirty, what does the kitchen look like? Rule #3 are places with too large a menu. She tells us it’s usually cheap and frozen food. Rule #4 places where staff appear unhappy. As it’s usually an indicator of poor ownership. That’s a great rule, too, and it can be applied to more than just restaurants.

The audience was in agreement. Viewer @KeithFaust408 said, “My dad would always check out the restrooms before dining out. We didn't understand until we got older and told us the reasoning for doing that.” Viewer @Ranger commented, “I believe that buffets are like a training course for my gut resilience.” Too funny! Viewer @Timsaliu noted, “As a restaurant owner for over 30 years; she’s absolutely right.” Good to know. Viewer @watiseraande made us laugh, “my rule: if it's not closed by a health inspector, it's ok to eat!” That’s one way to look at it!

These rules have also served us well over the years and it’s always great to be reminded. We want to spread joy, not germs, this holiday season!

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