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Crispy Restaurant-Style Brussels Sprouts Have Us Salivating

Do you like eating vegetables? Or is it something you do because your body must function? If you aren’t a veggie-lover, that’s okay. We have a recipe that’ll make even Brussels Sprouts look good.

TikTok content creator @cj.eats shared his recipe for crispy restaurant-style Brussels Sprouts. It's easier than you think to make them at home.

Now we understand if you see the word Brussels Sprouts and want to run the other way. But if cooked with love and seasoning, they can be amazing. The recipe for Brussels Sprouts presented in the video is fantastic. All you need are Brussels Sprouts, salt, pepper, garlic powder, honey, and olive oil. After you’ve prepared the Brussels Sprouts, pop them into the oven for thirty minutes. They’ll come out crispy and ready to eat.

We like the idea of eating Brussels Sprouts baked in the oven. But how do the TikTok viewers feel about it? User @Lee Ann Owens exclaimed, “I’m making them for thanksgiving dinner! Thanks.” @jessica exclaimed, “Such an easy recipe!” @Bondo wrote, “Add a splash of sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar adds awesome tang great recipe.” @vanssmomc asked, “Wonder how they would be with hot honey?” @Robert C. replied, “I’m going to make these tonight!” @none of your biz said, “The removed leaves go straight into my salads. Yum!”

The Brussels Sprouts turned out so well. We’d love to serve these at our next Sunday dinner. However, they’re perfect for a quiet evening too. To stay up-to-date on content, visit @cj.eats’ TikTok channel. You’ll be pleased you saw it.