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Simple Recipe for Mexican Restaurant-Style Queso Dip Is Going Viral

One of the best things about Mexican food is the dips. Whenever you visit a Mexican restaurant, you’ll probably have at least two or three dips on the table. Trust us. We’re not complaining. Dips are the reason people eat chips. Well, it’s the reason we eat chips. There’s something so satisfying about dipping into Mexican Street Corn or scooping up salsa onto your nachos. But for many chip dippers, queso is their number one chip dip.

In a TikTok video by content creator @dangthatssweet, share their recipe for making Mexican Restaurant-Style Queso Dip. We never knew you could make restaurant-quality queso at home. This honestly couldn't be easier.

That queso turned out so well. We’re looking forward to making some this weekend. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to this recipe. User @Tiktokisdrugs said, “We need the recipe. I’m just saying. LOL.” @Pazzo the Demon revealed, “Literally how we make it at my job.” @Carrieann Towne replied, “I’ve been waiting for Quesotok.” @Satirah, Branson Travel Tips wrote, “Had all the stuff, so I made it! So good! Even the hubby approves!” @paige ☠️ said, “As a pregnant woman- thank you. I’ve been looking to try a different recipe! Restaurants get expensive when prego and craving. LOL.”

We are very happy you’ve found a new queso recipe to help cut down your take-out budget @paige ☠️. We hope you eat as much queso as possible during your pregnancy journey. If you enjoyed this post and want more food ideas visit @dangthatssweet’s TikTok channel. It’ll keep your stomach happy.

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