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Man Reviews Military ‘Ready-to-Serve’ Meals and the Results Have People Talking

The military is known for many things. Brave men and women, structure, and constant moving might come to mind when thinking of soldiers. But yummy food isn’t one of them. Yet people in the military need to eat. However, access to a kitchen might not be possible in combat areas. Luckily, the military found a way to keep their personnel fed even in the worst situations.

In a TikTok video by user @liamslunchbox, he gets to pull back the curtain on what people in the military eat. The M.R.E.s or Meals-Ready to Eat are pre-packaged foods, so they last. Plus, they’re easy to carry when on the go. But there’s no guarantee these meal options taste good. This guy is one very adventurous soul! Check out his reactions to trying these convenient meals.

We don’t know about you, but the M.R.E.s seem to be a hit or a miss. However, we know that taste can be subjective. Check out the comments from the TikTok viewers. User @Timothy Shields joked, “Derek sent you the worst ones on purpose. Hahaha.” @Sophie revealed, “Fermented raccoon ankles. LOL. I’m going have to use that one.” @You can call me Vex disclosed, “You’re supposed to put the chocolate thing in water. Then shake it.” replied, “Bro, M.R.E.s are super good. It just depends on what you get.”

Yes, it seems this is the case, @Drew Griffin. But at least we learned our military is served good food even if they aren’t all restaurant quality. However, if you know someone serving in the military, consider sending them a care package. We’re sure they’ll enjoy it.