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Man Shows Off New ‘Robot’ Server at ‘Skyline Chili’ and People Have Opinions

One of our earliest memories of a robot is from the movie Rocky IV. In the film, Rocky gives Paulie a giant robot for his birthday. Everyone in the house is shocked and doesn’t know what to make of this thing rolling around. It was designed to make life easier but is that what it does? Would robots make tasks simpler? Or would they be a nuisance we’re constantly trying to repair?

In a recent TikTok video by user @michaelshawnmccabe, he visits a Skyline Chili restaurant. But this restaurant is different than others because one of the servers seems a bit out of place. It’s actually not a human server at all, but a robot. We can’t help but wonder if this is what the future of restaurants looks like. Check it out.

Yes, we couldn’t stop staring either! It’s strange to see a robot server bringing an order, right? TikTok users have mixed feelings about its futuristic appeal. User @Mike Lupole said, “You mean I don’t have to talk to servers? Sold.” @squanchy1974 replied, “Honestly, this looks like an improvement in customer service. Especially these days.” 

It looks like some people are okay with the robot. But there are always people not willing to allow a robot to serve food. User @Jim_Jones1971 exclaimed, “Nope! Everyone is way too close. I thought that boy was going to touch it. If a human can't serve me, I'm not sticking around.” Well, we understand those concerns. But looks may be deceiving with this clip. @Lou Yorio disclosed, “I was at that restaurant, and the server still hands off the food. You still get personal service. the robot assists in getting food to the table.” Thanks for letting us know, @Lou Yorio. This information will put a lot of people at ease.