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Easy Recipe for 'Rolo Cookie Cups' Will Be the Hit of Holiday Cookie Exchanges

We take our holiday cookie baking pretty seriously. We love them all so much, but some are very time-consuming to prepare. We're always looking for great baking hacks that save us time. TikTok content creator @cookfasteatwell shares her Toll House, Rolo cookie cup recipe, and we're thrilled by just how easy they are to do!

These special cookie cups will make baking effortless!

Holiday baking has never looked easier! Wow, even if you’re not a baker, these little gems will inspire you to give it a try. For these beauties, all you have to do is grease a mini muffin pan, break apart Toll House cookie dough, and place a square in each cavity of the pan. Bake those beauties in the oven, and when they come out, simply insert an unwrapped Rolo into the soft dough. How simple is that?! 

If you’re a peanut butter cup lover, this recipe will work great for those, too. Now that we’ve seen this idea, we want to try it a million different ways. Toll House also makes a Pecan Turtle cookie dough and a caramel Rolo in the middle, which seems like the perfect companion. A double chocolate cookie dough could also be the perfect place for a chocolate after dinner mint. Chocolate and mint are always so good together, especially around the holidays! And if you’re a purist, a sugar cookie square, with a Hershey's kiss, will work nicely, too!

No matter which combination you decide on, we know they will be delicious and ever so easy! We love baking our holiday cookies, and we're thrilled to have a painless way to do it this year!