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Gorgeous ‘Rose Skewer’ Appetizer Recipe Is Blowing People Away

Pretty food makes it more appetizing. That’s probably why TV channels dedicated to cooking have become so popular over the past few decades. We enjoy seeing how food is prepared, but we also love the beautiful result. It can be tough to make your entrees look camera ready when you’re running on minimal sleep. However, this recent creation by TikTok content creator @domeniquetrupia looks pretty and isn’t time-consuming.

The catchy video provides Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” as @domeniquetrupia assembles salami and cheese into rose skewers. If you aren’t familiar with rose skewers, you’re in for a treat. Who knew deli meat could look so pretty? This appetizer will be the star of the show!

Aren’t these bites lovely? As mentioned previously, it’s not just about the taste of food. It’s also about the presentation. The rose skewers will be a hit at your next gathering! TikTok creators can’t wait to give these a try. User @Carolyn said, “Those are so cute!” @Briana Meshkofski exclaimed, “I love these soooo much!” @Megan Yusko revealed, “I’m gonna make these for a picnic this Monday, love the idea.” Another commenter said, “Finally, one without a gross tomato.” @Will Cook For Cake disclosed, “These are too stinkin’ cute! Perfect for The Bachelorette premiere.”

Yes, @Will Cook For Cake, these are a fantastic choice for your Bachelorette viewing experience. But that’s not the only time to make them. These would do well at a birthday party, cookout, or a romantic meal for two. Whenever you decide to make them, these rose skewers be sure to make enough. They’ll probably disappear within minutes!