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Video of ‘Sad’ Man Making Recipe to Cheer Himself Up Has People in Their Feelings

Remember when a cold glass of chocolate or strawberry milk was your favorite beverage? Making the drink was easy with your ready-made packets. So many of us gulped them down before, during, or after school. Some of you may still drink flavored milk. If you do, today’s video will change how you think strawberry milk should look.

In a viral video by TikTok user @stillnotcooking, you’ll learn his recipe for this creamy beverage. However, David’s version takes strawberry milk to another level because of the fresh ingredients he used. F.Y.I., he does seem a bit sad. It sounds like this poor guy just went through a breakup.

Well, that’s some simple yet fancy strawberry milk. Sign us up for a few glasses. Better yet, give us a to-go-gallon, and we’ll be fine. However, we’re kind of worried about David! TikTok viewers are wondering the same thing. User @JohnDoh said, “Still not cooking with still not, David who’s still not okay.” @Jia han suggested, “Guys, I think he’s sad.” We think @Jia han is right. But that didn’t stop other viewers from finding humor in the video. @Andrea Jin replied, “LMAO. It looks so good!” @mindyo modascunt joked, “He went from the wooden spoon to a masher after he said he’s a professional & doesn’t need it. I love his humor.”

So, this video provides a wonderful new recipe for strawberry milk, but we’re compelled to hug @stillnotcooking. Let’s hope that his next relationship doesn’t end in heartbreak. In the meantime, he’s got his tasty drink to comfort him. That’s not a bad way to treat yourself.