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Video Showing Over-the-Top Famous Cheesecake in Turkey Has Us Salivating

Some people may think that traveling for the purpose of eating a specific food is over the top, but us food lovers know that this is fairly normal and totally justified for the right meal.

TikTok user @melissa.perilli recently traveled to Turkey to try the famous San Sebastian Cheesecake, and she shared her experience through a now-viral TikTok video. The video shows the slice of cheesecake smothered in chocolate sauce, and the creator scrapes some of the chocolate away to reveal a velvety and delicious cheesecake filling underneath. Check out the video to see just how good this looks! 

Wow, we are salivating! This looks amazing, and we totally understand why people travel to Turkey just to try this dessert.

People in the comments of the video were in awe over how good this looks. @elliekerley_x said, "Wow, look at how smooth it looks!" and @wolffstar89 commented, "I just fell in love with a dessert." We can't believe how good this looks either!

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Other users were tagging their friends and saying they needed to try it together. @godrich.j tagged a friend and commented, "We are going to get this," and @aamyjjoo tagged a friend and said, "Change of plans, we're going to Turkey." These are the kinds of friends we need in our lives!

We are so jealous of everyone who has gotten to try the San Sebastian Cheesecake! If you travel to Turkey, make sure to bring back a slice for us!

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