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Plant-Based 'Savory Breakfast Jars' Look Good Enough to Convert Meat Lovers

If you’re sick of soggy, cold cereal and would love’d to have a new vegan, make-ahead, savory breakfast, this next recipe will bring you joy. TikTok content creator @plantbasedrd shows us how to prepare, make-ahead tofu scrambles in a jar. They have several layers of flavors and they look as pretty as art! 

These look almost too good to eat!

The first savory ingredient she uses for this breakfast jar is roasted potatoes. Sounds good to us! Then she prepares the scrambled tofu with seasonings and vegan milk. After that, she makes different layers of flavors using black beans, kale potatoes, and avocado. She tells us in the video to make these jars according to our tastes, and the options for this portable breakfast seem infinite. 

You could use chia seeds, chickpeas, sprouts, pickled onions, roasted squash, carrots, and raisins if you’d like a little sweetness. If you’re not vegan, scrambled eggs could also work in these lovely jars. We’d love to have a jar with quinoa, mango, cucumber, pickled ginger, with a splash of liquid aminos, please! This wonderful idea won’t leave you bored.

The audience was happy to have a new breakfast idea. Viewer @Comealongonawalk commented, “Omg thank you!! I have tried with oats all my life but I can’t with them. I have needed this for years—thank you so much.”@shaylaaa, “This is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever seen.” We think so, too!

We think these darling breakfast jars are a nice change from the sweet and sugary breakfast we're accustomed to. We look forward to giving this bright idea a try!