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Woman Shares ‘Secret Bacon Recipe’ That Has People Going Wild

Are you a bacon lover? Come on. You know you love it! Whether it’s pork, turkey, or vegan, people enjoy this sweet treat. Who wouldn’t want to eat bacon? When it’s served with eggs, dipped in chocolate, or wrapped around scallops, your tastebuds are happy. But guess what? There’s yet another way to cook up the versatile side. Trust us. It’ll put a smile on your face.

TikTok user @cookiterica shares her “secret” recipe for bacon, and her hack looks delightful! Why haven’t more people discussed making bacon this way? We seriously can’t wait to try this!

Sign us up for seconds and thirds because these bacon rolls look bomb. But we’re not the only ones ready to chop into them. TikTok users are in love with this hack. One of them, @Joe the bull guy joked, “Well, I will tell my cardiologist you say hi because I am making this right now.” TikTok foodie @Spilling the Sweet Tea said, “Love this technique, Erica! Love me some bacon.” Another commenter revealed, “I just made this! My husband literally got goosebumps from the flavor. I haven’t seen him this excited over a food item in a long time! Superb!”

Viewers can’t get enough of this recipe. While some folks are offering suggestions, they’re written with love. User @Hortonshue wrote, “This but we put crab inside.” @pollywogtx suggested, “Add some cayenne pepper to the brown sugar.” Another user recommended, “Put honey on first.” Mmm, those sounds delicious. If you decide to make them, please invite us over.

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