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Incredible 'Sheet-Pan Caramel Apples' Recipe Is Bound to Be the Hit of Fall

Have you ever wished you could make an easy simple treat that would be the hit of any party for kids and adults alike? Your wish has been granted, and this recipe for sheet pan caramel apples will have you coming up with excuses to entertain your friends. 

TikTok content creator @thecraftpatch brings a new twist to this sensational fall favorite! Easy to make and much easier to eat than the traditional caramel apples, you will be making this recipe for years to come! Check it out!

Yes, please! In this easy-to-follow recipe, she starts by spraying a sheet pan with non-stick cooking spray and then adds enough apple slices to cover the pan. She melts Kraft caramels with cream in the microwave and then spreads the golden caramel mixture evenly all over the apples. Oh my! Then, you can sprinkle on your favorite toppings like nuts, melted chocolate, coconut, pretzel pieces, or chocolate chips, or anything else your heart desires. She adds the toppings in sections, so you can make several different varieties and everyone will be happy! We cannot wait to try this!

Viewers were ready to get their fall apple fix on. TikTok user @Michele Hill143 got us even more excited by saying, “It would be good with warmed peanut butter. Then topped with a drizzle of chocolate.” Just stop it, we are starving! User @AngelaC said, “Use the pre-sliced from the grocery store.” And just like that, this recipe got even easier to make! We know for sure what we'll be making this weekend. 

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