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Game-Changing Pancake Hack Is a Guaranteed Morning Hit

If you love eating pancakes but don't like making them, this fabulous hack will make your breakfast so much better. TikTok content creator @hip2save shows us how to make pancakes in a whole new way. And we're never going to make them the old way again.

The whole family will enjoy eating hot pancakes at the same time!

This video left us wondering how we hadn't thought to do this before. We've never considered spreading our pancake batter on a lined sheet pan to bake in the oven. This is so simple, so easy, and so stinking smart! The best part about this recipe is having everyone eat at once without the pancakes getting cold. Everyone can choose their own toppings, too! We are really like the chocolate chip banana pancake idea. Chocolate chip pancakes are our favorite, but the addition of the bananas looks so tasty! Peanut butter chips, chopped nuts, and anything else your heart desires can become part of these pancakes. 

The audience enjoyed learning about this hack, and viewer @TikToker commented, "Omg! this will make this easier. My grandkids always want different kinds, brilliant.” And viewer @Bloombenator9000 tells us, "I do this ALL the time. It's sooo good. My son has come to call them "pancake bars" lol.” That’s so cute, and it’s a great name for them, too!

We rarely make pancakes at home because they're such a pain. This recipe is a real game-changer, and we can't wait to try making pancakes in our oven this weekend!