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Simple 'Apple Cinnamon Tea' Recipe Is the Answer to Cold Nights

Now that summer is gone, it’s time to settle into Autumn. Autumn is a fantastic time of the year when we get to watch the lovely leaves change color. We also shift to eating and drinking savory foods and drinks. If you are a tea lover, you’ll love today’s post.

In a TikTok video, content creator @mintybongwater shared his simple yet yummy Apple Cinnamon Tea recipe. We can already tell it tastes delicious. We could use a cup of this tea right now.

All we can say is wow. That cup of tea looks so tasty. We love how he used an actual apple to make the apple cinnamon tea. That is one of the best tricks we’ve ever seen. That will guarantee your tea is flavorful. Plus, it’ll ensure your tea tastes like a real apple. You can’t go wrong with this recipe. 

Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to this video. User @Stephan.A said, “I love your content. Keep it up.” @Jameek Holloman wrote, “Not my cinnamon apple.” @Rachel Funk said, “Oh, that's fancy, and I love it! Your videos are my calm.” @Tyron Johnson admitted, “Love the vibes in this video.” @aidan wrote, “Where did you get that mug? Matches the vibes perfectly.” @it's.CC.sunshine replied, “OMG, I need this!” @Andy Dal suggested, “If you could do a caramel apple, that would be dope!”

We’re glad to see people are excited about the Apple Cinnamon Tea. If you enjoyed the video and want to see more content, visit @mintybongwater’s TikTok channel. It’s full of fantastic recipes you’ll want to try. For more Delishably updates, be sure to follow us on Google News!