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Woman's Recipe for Single-Serving 'Baked Brie' Is the Treat We All Deserve

We were very happy to learn that you no longer need to host a party to have a baked brie! TikTok content creator @niamh_osullivan shares with us her recipe for single serving baked brie, and it has us drooling. We have to tell you, the best part about his recipe is not having to share it.

This baked brie is a real work of art! And you deserve it.

We aren’t sure why we haven’t thought about doing this single-serve version before, but going forward, we sure will! First, this savory cheese gets scored, and then it's topped with garlic, rosemary, olive oil, honey, chopped walnuts, and salt. Be still our hearts; we are in love! This cheese lover's dream then takes a trip to the oven, and she tells us to bake it, “until it’s golden and delicious.” Using your favorite crusty bread, sliced apples, or crackers, scoop up all that golden yumminess. Just don't forget to pace yourself! 

We might consider mixing it up and adding a few chopped figs or apricots, too. Pistachios or slivered almonds? Maybe even a swish of maple with pecans? We are getting so hungry!

This heavenly creation is sure to leave you feeling ever so satisfied. The audience was loving this idea, too, and viewer @nickyokeeffehomecook commented, "Wow, that looks incredible.” Yes, it really does! 

Hopefully, it’s 5 o'clock or later when you’re reading this. That way, you can get your cheese in the oven, the wine opened, and your private party started! And we're also pretty sure if you’re in the mood to share, this recipe will be a hit with everyone!