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'Skillet Chicken Pot Pie' Recipe Is Comfort Food at Its Finest

Yum! Chicken pot pie is one of those meals that puts the comfort in comfort food. It's especially perfect on a chilly, fall night when you just want to curl up in front of a fire. That's why we can't get enough of this mouthwatering video from TikTok content creator @browniemischief. She takes things up another notch with her recipe for skillet chicken pot pie. My oh my! 

This dish is so beautiful, you'll feel like an artist creating this masterpiece. Did we mention it's so easy to make, too? She had us sold at "buttery herb crust," to the point where we were totally on board with anything that came after. Check out this incredible recipe.

Yes, Please!! The magical crust begins with fresh herbs, flour, and cubes of cold butter. Next, she uses an 8” skillet to melt the butter and sweat out the mirepoix mix of carrots, onions, and celery. She adds flour to thicken the sauce and stirs in cooked pieces of shredded chicken, heavy cream, chicken broth, and frozen peas. Once the mixture is cooked through, she removes it from heat and allows the pan to cool to the touch. 

She then rolls out the buttery herbed pie crust into a 10” round and places it over the cooled skillet, tucking in and crimping the ends. We can only imagine how incredible the house smells after this thing cooks up!

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Viewers were also impressed, like @Cassandra Henders65, who said, “This made me so happy, and I’ve watched it too many times.” Another commenter, @Sharlee added, “Oh my goodness, I’m mesmerized!” Aren't we all? And @Tayra summed things up best, saying, "Idk if I ever told you this before, but your account is my comfort account 🥰." It's officially ours now, too. Time to make a grocery list and get off to the store to pick up everything we need for this to-die-for chicken pot pie.

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