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Snack Box That Doubles As a Game for Kids Is a Game-Changer for Parents

The summer season has unofficially kicked off! It’s time to grab those swimsuits, shorts, and UV protection and head out the door. Now we understand that gas prices are very high right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a mini-road trip. People often overlook destinations in their home state. You don’t have to travel far to have a good time. But when you decide to hit the road, bringing along some treats to hold off hunger pains is a good idea.

In a TikTok video by content creator @thebastfamily, we see their little trick for ensuring bellies stay full while traveling. Plus, this game-changer works in two surprising ways. This is a lifesaver on road trips!

Oh, my goodness! We need that right now! Kids will love having a game that doubles as a snack box. An invention like this will help many parents, caregivers, and teachers. Let’s see what the TikTok community thinks about it. Content creator @Shannon Doherty wrote, “Omg love it!” @Carly Caroline Tilto said, “This is SO COOL.” User @Learn, Play & Enjoy Hebrew disclosed, “It's the best. We love ours.” @Christelle exclaimed, “This is so cool!! I could have used this last week.” User @Emma 🐞 suggested, “You should get two and play Guess Who.”

If you like this MATCH UP Memory Snack Tray Green Travel-friendly tray, it’s available at Amazon. To learn more hacks and tips for being an awesome parent or person, check out @thebastfamily’s TikTok channel. It’s a hub for family-friendly content.

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