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Woman's Hack for Single-Serve Pasta Sauce Is a Spaghetti Night Game-Changer

If you’re a pasta lover, you know making sauce takes time. If you’re going to make it from scratch, expect it to take a while. The prep time for the ingredients is time-consuming but allowing it to cook and simmer is too. Using store-bought pasta sauce but making it your own can still take a bit of time. That’s why it’s fantastic to find shortcuts. Where would we be without our hacks for saving time?

In a TikTok video by content creator @itsmackenzie.nicole, she shares her hack for storing single-serve portions of pasta sauce. We never thought to do it. But it’ll help you out when your time is limited. This is absolutely genius!

We’re shocked yet again. We recently learned about freezing whipping cream. Yet we never considered freezing pasta sauce. It’s a fabulous idea that should be utilized. Let’s see if the TikTok community is excited. User @theherd1984 said, “I need to do this. I’m always cooking for one, and I can’t even bring myself to eat pasta every day, and my sauce is always going bad.” @Tik Toker wrote, “Great idea, broth too.” @E.Y.W replied, “Resourceful and not wasting food ...with the cost of everything, this is great.” @ElleryNikita remarked, “Girl, I am one person shopping a lot at Costco, so you are saving my life! I also make pizzas with the sauce. LOL.”

Yes, we’re grateful for this helpful video. It’s really going to save sauce from going bad. No one wants to throw away food or money, so this is a win for us. If you enjoyed this video hack, please visit @itsmackenzie.nicole for more valuable content.

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