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Parents Create a 'Spaghetti Table' for Their Son's 6th Birthday and the Video Is Blowing Our Minds

Birthday parties are so exciting. Nowadays, it’s easy to find activities, decorations, games, and entertainment for your child’s special day. You can get creative and do some of the decorations and food yourself. Or you can leave it to a professional to tackle the tedious tasks. It’s up to you and your budget. Many times, simple birthday parties tend to produce the best memories. The kids are usually so focused on playing with each other that they won’t care if you don’t have a huge bounce house or take them to the indoor waterpark. You don’t need much to have a fantastic kid’s birthday party. 

In a TikTok video, content creator @doughertydozen shares her creation of a Spaghetti Table for her son’s sixth birthday party. We never thought to try something like this. What a genius idea for a kid’s party!

We are in awe of how much spaghetti, sauce, and bread she used. The spaghetti table made it easy to access the food. However, the sauce was straight out of a jar and could have used some seasoning. But otherwise, we don’t have any complaints. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded. User @Wimberley - Mom Life + Comedy · exclaimed, “So funnnnnn!!” @the only sane one in GenZ replied, “It's all cold after a while.” @0511tch asked, “I wanna know how many people are coming to that party?” @Nev4short wrote, “Straight out the jar is wild. LOL.” @Jenn Davidson676 remarked, “Cool! But did you put cold sauce on the noodles?”

We weren’t the only ones concerned about the sauce coming directly out of a jar. Hopefully, it did taste good. If you enjoyed the video and want to see more content, visit @doughertydozen’s TikTok channel. It’s full of family-friendly content you’ll want to see to believe.