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Man's Reaction to Learning Simple Trick for Shaking Seasoning Jars Is Priceless

We were also today-years-old when we discovered this.

There are so many things we take for granted on the daily. We move throughout life largely by routine, and in that routine there is comfort and clarity. But sometimes if we stop and really think about it, we can take the humdrum task and make it work even better for us. After all, those little conveniences add up.

So when TikToker Jumoke Jackson, otherwise known as @MrFoodtastic, discovered that there was a better way to season food that didn't involve looking like Salt Bae, he considered himself fully mind-blown. And truthfully? We were as well.


Taking what appears to be a Trader Joe's jar of Umami seasoning (a delicious option might we add) and begins to demonstrate shaking the jar as we all have done to get the seasoning out. It comes out, but slowly, and takes a lot of shaking to loosen it up. He then waggles his finger in disapproval and shows us how it is really done. He turned it upside down and took the plastic covering with the holes on it and twisted it from side to side. It came out quickly and efficiently.

He, along with hundreds of commentators were utterly mind-blown that this was a thing. User @Bez said it pretty well when they noted that:

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 "I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said I’m not breathing the right way."

We mean, really; who would have really known that this was the way it was supposed to be used? Thanks goodness for TikTok University!

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